Our Mission:


Our desire is to empower deaf students with the ability to communicate through sign language, reading and writing. These skill will transform their lives and provide means of education, self expression and job opportunities. Be a part of the solution by sponsoring a child and transforming a life.


The Need

Gisuru is a city on the eastern side of Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world. The lack of accessible health care has resulted in a large amount of children being born deaf, or becoming deaf at a very early age. Underfunding has also crippled the public school system from being able to provide special needs education to students in Burundi. Deaf children in Gisuru are not allowed to attend public school as they have no tangible way to learn, and do not have the financial resources to travel to the only deaf school in the country, five hours away.

These realities have lead local missionaries Daniel and Annie Johnson to take up the task of building a deaf school in Gisuru. Buildings have been built, teachers are being trained, but students still need help. Each student needs sponsors to cover the cost of tuition, room and board.


Our Impact

Students who attend Gisuru School for the Deaf will not only learn sign language, but will also learn how to read and write English and Kirundi. This will open a whole new world of possibilities of self education, self expression and discovery. Each student will learn a trade skill including cooking, sowing and carpentry. This will equip them to thrive in the local community and provide for themselves after school.

Each student will also have the opportunity for the first time to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. These children are an unreached people group, since they have no ability to understand or communicate clearly. We seek to rectify this situation, and in tern bring hope and transformation to their lives. Partner with us in this endeavor.



miles have been covered

More than 20 miles around Gisuru has been explored in search of deaf children needing special needs education.



students registered

Over 45 students in the area of Gisuru have been identified as deaf and registered for school in the fall of 2018.



sponsors needed

Over 90 sponsors are needed. Each student needs two sponsors at $30 per month to cover the costs of tuition, room and board.


Get Involved

We need partners just like you to continue in this mission. There are many ways to get involved including child sponsorship, project donation and partnering in prayer. We understand that everyone has different abilities to contribute, and ask for you to consider partnering with us in whatever way you can. Maybe it is sponsoring a child, praying for us daily, or simply sharing this opportunity with friends on social media.


Sponsor a student

Each student needs two sponsors to help pay for tuition, room and board. This is the most tangible way you can impact a student today.

donate to a project

Current projects need additional funding to complete. Providing running water and electricity in the school are the two most immediate needs and can be funded below.


We believe in the power of prayer and would love your support in this. If you would like to consistently be reminded to pray for us, a prayer app can be helpful.